24 August 2011

Francesco Clemente's New York City tarot

There is an interesting exhibition at the Uffizi in Florence from September 9th to November 6th 2011 by the Italian born New York based artist Francesco Clemente. Born out of an interest in the tarot started only 3 years ago we are confronted here by a modern artist and his view upon the 78 images we all know.

All the figures in the Major Arcana and quite a few of the minors feature the artists New York friends (who are well known artists) as well as his 4 children and his wife who appears as The Star. The artist himself appears twice in the deck once as the fool and as the Ace of Swords. some of the cards do not feature any personality, like for example the Ten of Swords.

You can see some of the cards here
Here below you can see Francesco Clemente as The Fool, Diane von Furstenberg as The Force, Salman Rushdie as King of Swords and the Ace of Cups.

There is an article by Calvin Tompkins in The New Yorker.