09 September 2011

Eroteme Fashion Tarot Cards by Oleg Mitrofanov

This deck fits the category 'when art meets tarot', and what for an art: the world of opera with all its stories filled with passion and drama, THE perfect backdrop for a deck.

Each  major arcana and court card has been linked to a personage from an opera, some very famous, others less,  the minors are non-scenic but portray arms and hands, decorated and with accessories and jewelry in various combinations, a fascinating view to look at. Each person/character is portrayed by not so standard yet impressing models draped in striking theatrical dresses,  each card is both a work of art and a whole story in itself.

The deck was published in 2 super limited editions: one big sized (13x20 cm) of only  5 decks, and a  regular (7.5x13 cm) edition of 30 decks, so if you're interested you need to be very quick.... More info, and images of the deck can be found here