25 October 2011

Triomphes De Paris by Bertrand Saint-Guillain

This deck is the result of a grand love affair, passion even the artist, Bertrand Saint-Guillain, has for the craftsmanship and art of the 17th & 18th century French cardmakers. Published this year, in a first edition run of only 6 (I have  number 5 and I adore it, it feels like a paper made treasure, an ancient manuscript in card form) if you wouldn't know what date it was published it could have come from any era (well 20th century that is, otherwise there would have been deterioration)

The artist told there could be 50 decks made if the molds can take the printings and if there is enough demand.

Inspired by the Jacques ViƩville tarot as a lead, a source without following it slavishly.The black & white trumps are small sized, printed on heavy unlaminated stock, red backs are glued onto them. Worth of the great artisans this decks execution has been entirely traditional, excepted only for the substitution of linoleum for printing, in stead of woodblocks, and also for use of modern papers and a light powered heat source.

You can see them all and even contact through his website
Sadly the original hand-made edition is now OOP
Update: a new edition of the deck is available 

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