10 November 2011

Glass Tarot No. 2

The artist behind this deck, Krzysztof Glass (1944-2000) was a busy, engaged and creative person: painter , graphic artist , poet , journalist and political analyst where the fields where he was active in. As artist he began exhibiting his paintings, drawings and lithographs from 1970 onwards in Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany and Austria. His main interests and concerns in his artistic expression where concerned with both the working class and social themes, but he also created 2 tarots.

The second of his 2 tarots came recently into my possession by pure chance and to my great joy of course (all interesting decks always are, and this one is both interesting and extremely difficult to find). This deck was published in 1977 in a limited edition of only 99 decks, and made in a very time and work intensively manner: hand-pulled, with the (very bold) colors added in separate steps a true work of art and great craftsmanship. The only part of the deck that is a bit less are the simplistic pip cards (only the number of suit emblems they represent) but the majors and court cards are stunning and worth every attention they can get, being both very in your face as well as mysterious because of they are shown with dual or split profiles .