23 November 2011

The Rosetta Tarot - Book of Seshet by Melissa M Meleen

There is a new Thoth-remake out, and knowing how few there are (especially when compared to the amount of  Waite-Colman-Smith and TdM-style ones) this is always a good news! Among those children of the Thoth this one is for sure one with the brightest and most vivid colours around so if you like a Thoth using a vibrant palette this might be one to look out for.

The artist wanted her deck to be a lovechild between the Thoth yet somehow during the elaboration of it the Thoth took over. In the portray of the archetypes and in structure it's a true Thoth with only here and there some stylistic WCS hints and traces, particularly in the minor arcana.

One interesting technique used by the artist is the fact that for each suit and the majors she used the techniques that where closest to the meaning and spirit of that suit, for example for the Cups connected to the element water  she used a mixed media technique of watercolor, water-based ink and acrylic, the acrylic comes back in all cards to create an unifying force throughout the deck.

The tarot is independently yet professionally printed in a limited edition of only 777 deck and comes in a well-constructed box together with an informative LWB that gives more info about the cards and the structure they are build on - in addition the artist also wrote a companion book for those wanting more.

The artist's site is here,  to find more about the deck and if you like it even buy it!

Update: The deck is now available as an app for iPhone and iPad  here (as well forTarot of the Holy Light and others)


  1. i need more info bout laying of the cards as i am a novice please.

  2. i need more info bout laying of the cards as i am a novice please.