29 November 2011

The tarot design coloring book by Caren Caraway

There are many formats in which a tarot can be published, but this is as far as I know this is the only one in colouring book form. Published in 1980 by Stemmer House Publishers, a publisher specialised in children books and Designs from different era's, countries and cultures printed in black and white, as this work is.

Miss Caraway has rendered the arcana's in 78 flowing images with a 'cosmic' end of the 70ies feeling, especially pronounced in the majors, the minors are more adaptations of the familiar WCS-images to her personal style giving them all a soft and non threatening feel, an elegant child of it's time! Each  major and court-card are printed on a full (approximately) A4 pages sized, the Ace's and twos are put together and the remaining 8 cards are distributed on 2 pages.

Some cards have been renamed, so Strength became  Vigor, Justice Equilibrium,  and Judgement  is Transformation.