27 February 2012

The Hive III Tarot

As the French would say: "Le nouveau Hive est arrive" (or something like that). Last year I already  mentioned the Hive I and II decks here. This is now the third edition of this yearly art exhibition and deck using the art from it organised by the Los Angeles based Hive Gallery.

As for the previous 2 decks it showcases a wide array of stiles and techniques all blended together and bound by the Tarot-theme, some relatively  traditional other with a big "what where they thinking"-factor, but within this deck knowing it's background and set-up they make sense.

Besides being a new and completely different deck than it's 2 predecessors there are some identical element like the backs & the borders and the fact that this too is a numbered limited edition of only 100 decks.

You can find more info about the deck and the Hive Gallery at their website here.

Entries for previous editions are to be found here:

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