23 February 2012

The iTongo Tarot for Transformation

This one of these decks that stay in the back of my mind waiting for a good moment to be posted here, and this despite all its merits! It's a great deck with an original twist, taking all the original icons of the Tarot and taking them down, out-of-the box and deep into a wild and mysterious world, down into South Africa

This is a well thought out deck is entirely based on African mythology, lore and concepts for the majors and depicting the people of Southern Africa, their living and their environment in the pre-colonial period for the minors. The deck is purely African in archetypes not Afro-American, Afro-Cuban or any other hybrids, what is pretty unique in it's genre.

The information needed for those who are interested in but know very little about the African culture and tradition used in the deck can find everything they need and more in the very clearly written box that make up this set.

The decks website is here and you can get it here or here.