22 February 2012

The Way Of The Fool Tarot

This deck by the native Venezuelan artist Beatriz Inglessis is vibrant has something very primal, brutal yet also tender and both at the same time very artistic. Miss Ingelessis has been exposed to many influences in her live, born in Venezuela, currently living and working in Tokyo, Japan. She attained her Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from The Art Institute of Boston in Boston MA (1999), and a MFA degree, with a specialization in Japanese Woodblock Printing, from Tokyo University of the Arts (2010) and all these must surely have had an influence upon her art although to me me I can only see the style of an adult artist sure of herself and her creations.

The deck of smallish cards is the third incarnation of these images there are large sized posters which you can see on her site here, there was also a scroll created that you can see here 
The technique used is that of the woodcut that gives it's very strong look and unity.

The edition of 50 decks that make up this edition isn't sold out, so i'd say get one as long as you can the decks are for sale here  a great opportunity to get a piece of contemporary tarot art that is true to the spirit of tarot and yes also usable, not only pretty top look at.