15 March 2012

22 "Massonici" in Una Libera Interpretazione

One of Italy most senior, respected AND prolific tarot designers and publishers (through his very well known brand Il Meneghello has put out some new decks these last few years each time in 3 "formats" 2 deluxe sizes in wooden hand-crafted, decorated and individually different boxes in a very limited edition and a third more moderately priced set in normal cardboard boxes in editions of 250.

This is one of his newest publications from 2011, a majors only deck showcasing key-masonic symbology linked to the tarot archetypes. Differently to many masonic themed decks here the images are not presented in a stern, hermetic, veiled, mysterious or even threatening way but rather light even dare I light-hearted and sunny.

You can find more information about it and how to contact him here, his website created, updated and managed by the wonderful Arnell Ando or you can email Il Meneghello through here.