27 March 2012

Golden Dawn Temple Tarot Deck Meditation Set by Harry Wendrich & Nick Farell

This is a deck form the 23 majors (2 versions of the Temperance card) that has been long in the making and long on my want-list full 79 card deck and of whom you can see some images here at Nick Farell's website.

The deck are not just 23 pretty (and large at A5 size prints) images to look at but are designed for meditation and/or as ritual talismans.The whole underlying system has been researched by Harry Wendrich and Nick Farell and is explained in the accompanying book, where you can also find a consecration ritual and various techniques.
The art is by Harry Wendrich, following the Golden Dawns manuscripts and teachings and using the colours of the paths. Incorporating real life persons from the authors life's like Harry's wife who was model for the Empress and Nick's partner who is the High priestess give this work besides an esoteric also a human and personal side I think. 

You can get the deck that was printed in an edition of 100 sets, here or here