29 March 2012

The Incidental Tarot by Holly DeFount update

Last year in August I told you you about the fund-raiser for this deck, well recently I received the printed deck in my mail, and I like it very much!

Miss DeFount did a great job with the money she harvested on IndieGoGo, the printing quality, card-stock and boxes are of a high quality and do her art really pride (and bring joy to me).

While the settings (medieval and early renaissance) & the images images themselves she drew look like classical tarot images, a lot has been changed between this deck and a classical deck.Individual major arcana cards, suits and court cards have been renamed and even substituted by different images but who's  signification are similar.The images themselves look peaceful, nothing dark or dangerous, but rather 78 holiday postcards from the tarot-side-of-the-world.

The renamed majors are: The Red King (Magician), Cathedral:(Hierophant), Gryphon (Strength), Blue Buddha (Hermit), Triskelion (Wheel of Fortune), Eclipse (Hanged Man), Polarity (Temperence), Chimaera (Devil),  Phoenix (Tower), The Grail (Star) & Awakening (Judgement) not really a substitution but a translation is La Lune for the moon.and on top of that you get 2 extra cards: Labyrinth & Ariadne whom she describes as Tarot Talismans in stead of wild-cards or significators.

In the minors things get a bit more complicated with 4 renamed suits en in each suit the page and knight received a different name,so that gives us the following courts:
Court cards are:
- For Oak (for Earth (Pentacles)):The Steward, The Builder, The Queen & The King
- For Quills (Air (Swords)): The Oracle, The Alchemist, The Queen & The King
- For: Roses (Water (Cups)): The Muse, The bard, The Queen & The King
- For the Arrows (Fire (Wands)): The Messenger, the Archer, The Queen & The King

The artist has an Etsy shop, her own website and one especially for the deck here and even a FaceBook page, sadly for the moment on none of these there seem to decks available (for the moment?)