19 March 2012

Playing with Pamela & Eward's tarot Project by Gillabel, Guido

Some tarot collectors are also tarot creators, and Guido Gillabel who's collection is that important he has build a a Tarot Museum under the name of TarotHaven out of it, where he also gives tarot-courses, readings and relaxation sessions.Besides all that he also designed & self-published quite a few interesting decks himself. 

This all-round warm and wonderful man has put out his latest majors only deck beginning of this year, a long lasting project, he started it in 1999 but only now has finished and released it in a limited edition of only 22 decks.

The white on (mat) black deck showcases the so very well know images from the WCS-deck, rearranged and manipulated to form a new point of view of it accompanied by a phrase that represents its energy.