10 April 2012

Floriography Tarot Deck by Ana Haydeé Linares

At the moment there is a revival it seems, of all things vintage or new with a vintage-feel, a trend that also can be felt in tarotdecks.

This collage deck mixes images from various ethnic and periods in black and white, sepia or 'age-discoloured' replacing the peoples heads with flowers, herbs, plants, and trees to represent their characteristics the whole set against decorative non-scenic backgrounds and surrounded by different coloured borders. The minors are pip cards and the suits are renamed to: Woody Trees (Wands); Sunflowers (Pentacles); Birds of Paradise Flowers (Swords) & Tulips (Cups)

Although the artist has put lots of efforts into the deck and into the research to link the best fitting plants to each card the whole looks elegant and airy, nothing heavy but 78 cards of elegance and nostalgia.

You can get the deck from the artist's Etsy webshop or her website and yes she is also on FaceBook.


  1. These are awesome!
    You got mad talent girlll

  2. Ana also does a daily Tarot Card of the Day using her deck on http://TarotPals.com

  3. Thanks for sharing. Always love reviews and articles on tarot. Love that there are so many to choose from as well, they all speak in their own language.