13 April 2012

Tarot Droga by Barbara Marzena Mirewicz-Czumaczenko

There are interesting decks to be found on eBay that do not seem to pop up elsewhere (or at least not at locations one can easily find/aces) like this Polish tarot for example.The first print-run of the deck is limited to 100 decks (but not a numbered edition)

 From what I was able to gather (all info thus far is in polish, and translation programs are not that good for that language, so you end up with some chaotic gibberish at the end adding nothing to your knowledge) the artist engraved and painted each 'card' in the period between 2005-2010 upon clay tablets.

The title of the deck is the road, and by lying out the deck in the correct way in 2 rows you can see this road connecting each major arcana, as can be seen on her website. In the minors this road-system is abandoned in stead each suits has his own characteristic colour and backgrounds are formed by digitally mixing engraved clay images and images of fire, water, sky and stone for the cards Ace through 10, the court cards are in feeling and technique similar to the majors. Once the 'cards' where ready they where photographed and treated to give this coherent and natural earthy feeling deck.


  1. I purchased the deck and it is very nice. At first the cards seemed almost too dark in color but as I became more familiar with them they seemed less dark. The cards are large and I see them as an art piece rather than a reading deck. They are unique and are very nice, so fitting for a collector.

  2. http://www.facebook.com/TarotDroga