17 April 2012

Silent Tarot by Esmeralda Rupp-Spangle

One of my big soft-spots when it comes to tarot are decks who have been created by collage, and I recently obtained one from this Etsy shop.The tarot has a limited print run of only 125 decks  so be quick to grab one if you like it too.

I'd describe the style as (neo)Victorian & romantic, a multi-media project combining old images with various techniques to obtain 78 little works of art that would fit everyone with a love for decks that have a well balanced nostalgia vibe.
Despite being well filled up, but in a good way, these cards do not feel heavy or overwhelming, partly thanks to it's larger than standard size, partly to the whole way they are made up. Balancing out the busy fronts of the cards, the backs have a soothing, classy red fleur-de-lys pattern.
Opulent could be a perfectly fitting term to describe them.

Fitting the whole theme and look the suits are named Sticks, Coins, Swords & Hearts adding to the turn of the previous century, gipsy (perhaps even a bit decadent) feeling.