07 September 2012

Alexander Daniloff's 78 card deck

The second of May   I posted about the impressive majors only deck created by Alexander Daniloff, tarot he was still working upon finishing a minor arcana at the time. Now a few months later the finished version is almost reaching the point where it can be printed, Mr. Daniloff expects it for this autumn, some of these finished cards can be seen at his website here

The cards are 78 pieces of stunning work of art, each one of them. As one can notice some of the majors underwent ‘some’ changes, a few differences are small other very noticeable, but every one of the new ‘versions’ look wonderful to me!! One thing that did not change between this and the majors only version is the way the artist uses color and contrast in a way that make the images come alive, vibrant with energy ready to pop of the paper and right in your face.

The price and number of decks printed in this edition will off course depend upon how many people are interested in getting one (or more) decks, so let me advice you to contact the artist, that way he will have an idea of how many to print – and I’m under the impression there will be only one print run….(so the more interested, the more printed & the more affordable it will become, simple laws of economics), afterwards it’s too late to say there were not enough available….

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