12 September 2012

Robo Tarot by Pete Hague

I admit it I have e nerdy, geeky or whatever you want to call it side,I love sci-fi (both books, movies, as...whatever) so when I found a deck that combines my passion for tarot with my sci-fi love I just had to grab it!

Originally designed only to be featured upon T-shirts but the demand upon the artist for a 'real printed deck'  became that big he finally went along t make one - something I've been very happy about!

All the characters in the deck have been replaces by those wonderful 'living machines' who are portrayed in a wide array of shapes and poses,so to fit best the 'role' they are playing.
All are executed in a style I'd call retro Science Fiction (remember those old posters from the '40ies, 50ies and 60?) and each one of the 23 majors (yes 23, the artist created 3 versions of the Fool, each as funny as the other, it would have been, a shame not to see them) and 56 minors  is produced within a limited pallet up to maximum 4 I think  which accentuates the retro elements while giving the image a strong and solid feel.

For some the unillustrated pip cards might be a downside but with such a deck rich in colour these do have a soothing effect upon the eye, just enough to be ready for the courts. An other aspect that keeps the theme up to the very last (or very beginning as you open the parcel they come in) is the metal tin they come in an that's held together with a metal strap, nice touch and wraps the whole up very well.

You can find the tshirts, prints and deck (in 2 sizes) at the artists Etsy shop, and on the tarots Facebook page, and for those who want there is even a website (very creative man isn't he and really passionate about his art and the works it produces).