22 October 2012

Bohemian Gothic Tarot

This is one of my favourite gothic decks, elegant even seductive yet with a darkness that gets deeper every time you look into it...and the better you look the more disturbing elements you notice.

Already into its  second and revised edition (the first edition printed in 2007, in a normal an an silver edition where elements of the cards got highlighted in silver ink, was immediately voted "Deck of the Year" on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum, the second edition followed in 2010 and is now sadly  out-of-print) the deck is and remains a very popular item. The artists hope to reprint the deck in 2013.

As with every the Bohemian Gothic Tarot came with an extra card for the 1st edition this was the "Danse Macabre" for the second one it was the "Memento Mori card"

Combining Victorian elegance, restraint and dark drama, without being over the top or kitsch. Insane persons, monsters of every kind and genre, grand scenes composed of many many elements perfectly collaged to form a new, darker vision upon the WCS-tarot.

and below are the extra cards from th first and second edition

The studio that created this deck can be found on-line here  the deck has his own page here and a Facebook page here