23 October 2012

Halloween Tarot by RAH (Rodney Howington)

From the same artist as the "Wonderland Tarot" I mentioned here last July, in the same style colorful, playful and with a large dose of healthy madness.

Featuring all kind of Halloween creatures and settings ranging from the adorable to the creepy and everything in between, yet due to the style and flashy images it still remains a deck you can take out and show to adult and children alike without leaving the behind disturbed and  in shock.

This majors only deck is a fun interpretation of the Halloween-theme without giving us dark settings and horror, yet one thing I found surprising is that cards that in other decks are dark and menacing looked here more sweet and fun (like for example death) yet cards that otherwise have a soothing imagery looked more dark in this one (for example this deck has the most disturbing Star card I've seen in times)

This Halloween Tarot can still be obtained at the artist's Etsy store here