18 December 2012

KENZO Tarot Cards by Michael Willis

This deck was created by London based artist Michael Willis in collaboration with/and for the fashion label KENZO for being used at live Tarot readings at Kenzos pop up store at Maria Luisa in Paris earlier this year.

With a subtitle as "Psy Chic" and produced for a fashion label the item could not be anything but classy (and I'm sure will be very sought after and collectable - for both tarot lovers and fashionistas).

The images of this limited-edition majors only deck are true to the expression of Willis and combine well classic tarot symbols with 60ies style, printed in Ben-Day dots to augment the feeling and rendered in the KENZO palette using the label’s latest Jean-Paul Goude campaign as backs.

Exclusively on sale on their online shop here this deck comes just in time for the holidays at the sweet price of only € 25 and will be gone for good afterwards I fear... only to be found at auction sites like eBay at an inflated price.
The artist showcases this deck and other of his works here.

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