19 February 2013

Fundraiser: Stolen Child Tarot, the 78 CARD DECK!

I'm back after some time having taken a break from my blog, during a period I could describe using the following quote: "Double, double toil and trouble" picking up where I stopped to once more share my love of tarot and present some of my finds.

Returned and already  with some good news, one year after her first passage by the kickstarter site to fund the majors only version of this deck, tarot artiste Monica Knighton is back and this time its for the whole shabam, a full 78 cards edition of the Stolen Child Tarot is awaiting funds to manifest itself.

You  can find the campaign and all the information needed to form an opinion, and I hope be enthusiastic enough (as I am) to contribute to this wonderful project an the Kickstarter page

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