26 February 2013

Journey into Egypt Tarot by Julie Cuccia-Watts

After 4 years of working on it Julie Cuccia-Watts' new deck is finally ready for pre-order.

A voyage started with the Blue Moon Tarot published more than a decade ago and continued with the MAAT Tarot ,  seems to have found a new and interesting culmination (dare I say oasis seen the Egyptian theme?). 

But behold this is not 'just another pretty Egyptian themed deck' to use the artists own words (and who better to describe her creation to us): "Four years in the making this new deck explores the idea of RealSky Astrology using the ancient 12 month/3 ( 10 day) week calendar of ancient Egypt. Explore ancient Egypt thru the lens of 4 different cultures that once ruled in Egypt. Experience the astrological signs from an Egyptian point of view." So a deck with a mind of it's own and that dares to be (very) different of those around not a clone but an original creation!

To find out more about it, see some images, read her post about how some of the images came into being, learn about the system behind the deck and/or yes also to pre-order the deck you can visit her website here.