19 December 2016

Bambolanera In Marseille

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy....well what goes for people is also valuable for decks, and for sure this deck isn't dull. This OOAK (One Of A Kind) deck sure is fun, (besides being a great addition to my collection)

The artist behind it and others sells his decks and other creations on Etsy under the name  Layla and Sagittis in his shop HERE.  The decks he sells can be divided into two times kinds, limited editions of 50 or OOAK decks, and also dark versus more "light hearted" decks  although the darker ones also have a touch of humor into them and the more cheerful also have a shadowy element. Not the cheapest decks, but then these are not use-decks but (more) collector items.

This specific set is Layla and Sagittis' take upon the Marseilles deck depicted with the house-model Bambolanera who can be found in different decks by the same artist.The use of this figure gives this handmade deck a cheerful, even cheeky feeling, while respecting the traditional and well known images, it's enough to put a smile upon my face.  

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