20 December 2016

“Les Triomphes” by Bertrand Saint-Guillain

End of last week I received from  Bertrand Saint-Guillain a wonderful gift in the mail, it was a print test for the sun of his new upcoming simply entitles "Les Triomphes" (the trumps).

Bertrand is no stranger to tarots and already produced 2 decks, and once again he uses the same media as before for expressing his vision through 22 cards. Once more the artist took it upon himself to express himself through the tarot.

Already having his other decks (what a surprise 😉 ) I can see the common hand behind these 3, but also the differences, 3 decks 3 personalities so to speak. - they exist in their own right, as a full and finished creations.

His "Les Triomphes" deck has ancient roots, among others the Viéville and the Tarot de Paris, but updated to modern insights and seen through his personal eyes and hand-carved and block-printed - and by this technique once more returning back to the roots.

Les Triomphes is not yet finished, but one can already order them through his website here.
Limited edition of 22 large sized prints (10 x 20cm), you can more information on the creation of the deck here

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